e hënë, 14 korrik 2008

91. Rare Book Room: This website allows you to access, view, and read full-length, rare, very old texts. For example, you can read Maestro Martino's 15th century culinary text Libro de Arte Coquinaria which documents cooking practices from that period. Even better, it's free!

90. World Public Library: Public Access Area: Here is another collection of classic books and other written documents, available to the public free of charge. The organization also offers a members only area, which is accessible for a fee.

e martë, 24 qershor 2008

89. Rummage: Fantastic vintage finds, photos, and interiors. I love the green-blue record shelf-inspired book shelf.

88. Sweet Nellie: It's like a little world of softies.

87. Nourish Me: Lucy is interested in healthy eating. She believes that "ethics, health and good eating can, should, and most definitely do go hand in hand." Check out her archives of impressive recipes and colorful photos which will send you running to the market to replicate her successes.

e shtunë, 3 maj 2008

86. Thompson Family-Life: Really cute decor, with some great craft tutorials sprinkled in.

85. my polaroid blog: Jen takes many, many Polaroid pictures, that are very, very popular with readers.

e diel, 27 prill 2008

84. little doodles: Kate creates amazing, simple ink "doodles" (I disagree, they are far beyond what you'd think is a doodle), and features these, as well as her miscellaneous finds.

83. Rob Ryan: Rob Ryan shares his excellent paper cut work. His art has been featured in multiple publications; it's very detailed, and equally lovely.

e martë, 22 prill 2008

82. { odette new york }: Really good product reviews, and previews of Jennifer's jewelry.

81. Online Etymology Dictionary: Check out where your name originates

e hënë, 14 prill 2008

80. I Love Typography: The title is self-explanatory; the blog itself is an intriguing read, with products, resources, and other fun all relating to-of course-all which is typography. Features many many images.

e diel, 13 prill 2008

79. Instantizer: An applet that converts your digital images to polaroid-style photos. Just make sure you crop your pictures to 322 x 322 before hand, though!

e diel, 6 prill 2008

78. the glass doorknob: Stuff that April loves this spring. Nice pictures.

e shtunë, 29 mars 2008

77. Paper Forest: An excellent collection of links and images of paper-made products, toys, and art.

76. The Empire Collective: Christopher De Beer knows what's going on in the world of design. A junior designer/student, he features a plethora of intriguing products/works.

75. the girl in the green dress: Traci likes "objects that are thoughtful, modern, uncomplicated, inherently beautiful, a little odd, sustainable, artistic, humorous, thought-provoking, and functional," and features them here.

e premte, 28 mars 2008

74. Global Children's Art Gallery: It's a bit like Illustration Friday, but featuring a gallery of children's work. It's interesting to consider this work in light of the artists' development of artistic-related skills.

e shtunë, 22 mars 2008

73. Rampant Scotland's Traditional Scottish Recipes: Discovered due to my semi-obsession with Scottish food (thanks to Sticky Toffee Pudding), here's an extensive collection of Scottish recipes, with UK-US measurement conversion guidelines.

e mërkurë, 12 mars 2008

72. The Traveler's Lunchbox: Melissa, a foodie living in Scotland, travels for food, and captures her finds with thoughtful description and great images.

71. Tea & Cookies: "Tea," a home cook, shares her life via images and narratives; she writes very substantially-sized posts, so you'll have plenty to read.

e shtunë, 8 mars 2008

70. Jenn Ski: Studio Blog: Here's a design blog, with a focus on the retro-modern connection.

69. Found, now home: Leigh, the blog author describes, "Found, now home is a blog about finding great things, both new and old (mostly old!) to make your house a home and about my interests in general." It's like following her through her thrifting, antiquing, and creative sprees.

68. Ace Jet 170: A blog all about the print arts; fonts, typeface, designs. A bit of swearing, but gaspingly great images.

e mërkurë, 27 shkurt 2008

66. design undercover: Nathalie is a big fan of design, and collects a plethora of resources, links, and images of interiors. Includes a good variety of Scandinavian design and French interiors.
65. Ice Cream Ireland: Kieran Murphy is an ice cream man in Ireland, and loves the stuff. He shares recipes, ice cream news, and his experiences within his blog. Very interesting read!

e enjte, 21 shkurt 2008

64. KUIDAORE: Joycelyn can make amazing pastries; ones that sparkle, shine, and defy gravity, all while integrating exotic ingredients, incuding spiced honey, tea, and roses. She also takes breathtaking photos of her work and shares information about baking classes she hosts.

e shtunë, 16 shkurt 2008

63. kept in a jar: Graphic artist Deb shares really cool images and ideas, using a variety of mediums and materials. Right now I'm examining a cello sketched by coloring the boxes on graph paper.

e premte, 8 shkurt 2008

62. El blog de Alicia: Here's a collection of Illustration Friday images, plus photography and art finds.

e enjte, 7 shkurt 2008

61. Another Shade of Grey: Fantabulous design finds; furniture, decor, paper art, paintings, jewelry, kitchen, and flashbacks.

e diel, 3 shkurt 2008

60. Purple Area: Interior design blog, in both Swedish and English. Very colorful and modern, chocked full of images.

59. IMEDAGOZE: Imedagoze has a fantastic eye for decor, and shares it with her readers with plenty of global design, amazing products, textiles, and designer spotlights.

e shtunë, 2 shkurt 2008

58. Wiksten-made: Jenny founded and maintains the Wiksten clothing line, and shares her progress and found fashions on her photo-rich blog.

57. a history of architecture: Images of finds of all sorts.

e premte, 1 shkurt 2008

56. Milk and Cookies: Jen Jen shares her food finds with recipes, editorials, and the most delightful images. Features food with a unique Australian flare.

e enjte, 31 janar 2008

55. Beauty and Chaos, by Eric Deis: Draw simultaneously with other users around the globe. But don't get angry when someone messes with your creations!

e martë, 22 janar 2008

54. parsiri | blog: Parsiri chronicles her art and design finds on her visually-appealing blog. Be sure to browse soon, as she is featuring lovely Valentine's Day prints.

e shtunë, 19 janar 2008

53. Brainiac: The Art and Life of Matte Stephens: Brilliant mid-century-inspired art and interiors.

52. Zoot Radio: An extensive collection of old time radio broadcasts, all available for free (and legal, I believe) download, in addition to a forum to discuss old time radio.

e martë, 1 janar 2008

51. Orangepulp: Digital illustrations, all oranges (the fruit). Very interesting.

50. Zara Illustrates: The creations of an illustration student, covering a wide variety of subjects. This website is no longer publicly available.

e diel, 23 dhjetor 2007

49. No Accounting for Taste: This is a wonderful design blog featuring affordable and extremely impressive design solutions. The general style here is 1960's-ish vintage, with terrific ideas for thrift shopping; it will make you wish you lived in California.

e premte, 21 dhjetor 2007

48. FIFI: I am extremely thrilled to find this blog! It's a fashion diary of a little rabbit named Fifi, who has been left a generous estate, and spends her time browsing through the latest couture; she documents her finds regularly.

e enjte, 20 dhjetor 2007

47. HI + LOW: Abby Clawson Low, a design director, documents her finds in graphics, as well as her own (published!) work.

e shtunë, 8 dhjetor 2007

46. U-handblog: Its a blog, all about handmade handbags; I think I'm in heaven!

e diel, 18 nëntor 2007

45. Creativadoration: Great name, great blog. Fashion, home, more.

44. Eat-Recipe Index: A page within the "Eat" blog, this resources offers a plethora of recipes- mostly interesting, non-traditional stuff. Recipes are accompanied by photos and testimonials.

e shtunë, 17 nëntor 2007

43. Crafts of Texture: Sara hunts out some really great crafters and vendors. Her style is very vintage feminine (almost Victorian). She also shares some craft tips and interviews, too.

e diel, 11 nëntor 2007

42. Honey Girl Studio: The artist creates very detailed, collage-type atc's, ornaments, and other decorative embellishments, and also shares photographs and reflections.

e shtunë, 10 nëntor 2007

41. The 2007 Periodic Table of Elements Printmaking Project: Interesting idea; it's an illustrated periodic table, a collaboration of 85 participants.

e martë, 9 tetor 2007

40. Funfurde: A collection of very functional, and self-proclaimed funky furniture. Very interesting stuff!

e diel, 7 tetor 2007

39. Design Mind: I really love love love this blog. Created by a jewelry designer/artist, this blog features stunning interiors and a great collection of midcentury design, as well as the occasional jewelry and fashion post.

38. Colour Between the Lines: According to the author, this is "a wealth of information, inspiration and investigation on great design, beauty, object, jewellery, arts etc. competitions, exhibitions, websites, blogs, articles, images." I agree, this blog is lovely.

e hënë, 17 shtator 2007

37. Not So Fancy Nancy: A super creative seamstress shares her awesome WIP's and finished projects. What's even cooler is that there are a lot of photos, references, links, and discussion.

e diel, 16 shtator 2007

36. red felt flower: Sarah finds beauty in simplicity, and shares it in photographs.

35. moopy & me: This blogger owns the Nest Studio, and lives a really awesomely creative life. She also teaches art to children, which is always really cool. Super creative!

e shtunë, 15 shtator 2007

34. Fruit Species: Very, very interesting blog describes fruit species: appearances, how to prepare and eat them, where they are from, and even their histories. Plenty of pictures!

e diel, 9 shtator 2007

33. tummy-ache: A lot of cute stuff, from fashion, home, entertainment, books, and the blogger's line of handmade accessories.

32. Montmartre's Sketchbook: Montmartre shares her fashion discoveries mainly in photo form (with some discussion). Her heart lies with vintage and feminine fashions.
31. The Small Object Steno Pad: Sarah Neuburger shares short tidbits from her super creative life. The entire site is stylish, and her creations (handmade rubber stamps and stationary) are super cute. Some recipes too!

30. Thrift Shop Project: Sometimes I have to set limits and forbid myself from visiting the local thrift shop every time I go out (for finances' sake), but it's free to look at this tempting blog. Great thrift shop finds from the East Coast. A few swear words, but a lot of pictures!

e shtunë, 8 shtator 2007

29. Art in Dress at The Costumer's Manifesto: Tara Maginnis, Ph.D of The University of Alaska provides a generous sampling of P.Clement Brown's Art in Dress, which is the most amazing book of 1920's fashions (not Victorian, but flapper style) with patterns built into the pages. The full-sized edition of the book lend to a specific patternmaking method, and you can actually replicate these striking, elegant fashions.

e mërkurë, 5 shtator 2007

28. The Pineapple Diary: Children's illustrator Gina Perry shares some of her work at her official blog. Her illustrations are awesomely colorful, and her joint traditional art and computer graphics training really shines!

e diel, 26 gusht 2007

27. the red kitchen: This blog includes frequent photos of eating, cooking, and life in Zürich. Grab a snack, because it will make you hungry!

e martë, 7 gusht 2007

26. why create: The artist regularly participates in Illustration Friday's and Everyday Matters events, and shares the work on the blog. The images have a really colorful, lively quality.

e enjte, 2 gusht 2007

25. Monster Crochet: The authoress, who refers to herself as Lady Linoleum, creates, sells (patterns), photographs, and documents the most interesting fiber objects, including the latest: the freeform crocheted bacon strip.

24. CraftGossip: One portion of the CraftGossip website, this page features tutorials and photos of crafts made with recycled materials which go far-and-beyond the more typicals, like record bowls and such.

e hënë, 30 korrik 2007

23. Elemental Stitches: Tutorials: Crafty tutorials by the hundreds. Really.

e martë, 17 korrik 2007

22. Culinarily Obsessed: Jaay D. chronicles her efforts in cooking with pictures of beautiful desserts and foods, plenty of recipes, and clever discussion of her cooking and eating experiences. She seems to have taken quite a break sometime in there, but it seems as though she's started back up again (yay!).

e martë, 26 qershor 2007

21. Segmation SegPlay: Free online, virtual paint-by-numbers. Need I say more?
20. The Good Neighbor: Monique has a very colorful, vintage-y style, and loves to take beautiful pictures. She also maintains a photography blog.

e enjte, 14 qershor 2007

19. Things Look Like Things: A very large collection of images juxtaposed with other images that strike an amazing resemblance. Each entry contains a series of images that tell a story or convey an idea. But beware: dial-up users expect quite a wait here!

e mërkurë, 13 qershor 2007

18. Geninne's Art Blog: From a hugely talented blogger, self-made illustrations and other art work. I'm presently looking at a beautiful series of black ink birds. Updated daily (sometimes twice daily); very inspirational.

17. Pink Ink and Jello: Ellen Dygert's blog will make you want to whip out the sketchpad! Her illustrations are casual and very fun to look at, with a cartoon-like quality. Updates frequently.

e hënë, 11 qershor 2007

16. Oatmeal Box Pinhole Photography by Stew Woodruff: If you have never heard or read of pinhole photography before, you must visit this site. Stewart Woodruff provides an excellent tutorial not only for constructing a camera from an oatmeal tube with materials you probably have lying around the house, but also provides a tutorial for taking pictures and developing the pictures from the camera in your own home. A small, yet excellent, gallery of examples of pinhole photography is also provided.

e premte, 1 qershor 2007

15. craft+activism=craftivism: Betsy Greer maintains several Craftivism sites; this is her blog, which is a good read of her daily life, documented in the written word and photography. She tends to get you thinking about issues, too.

14. How about orange...: Graphic designer Jessica Jones shares her work, life, and photography. Cooking, crafting, fun internet finds, and really interesting projects (such as growing shitake mushrooms on a log) are all included.

13. sew green: It's a crafty blog, with an environmentalist spin. You will find things here that you probably can't find elsewhere, like homemade cleaning product recipes, how to reuse thrift goods, and health and environmental information (some scary!) on everyday products and goods.

e martë, 29 maj 2007

12. Slow Progress/Comfies: This San Fransisco blogger finds art in daily life, and shares it with the world with great photos and descriptions of the everyday.

11. eat like a girl: Spectacular food blog, with posts occurring, on average, every day. Recipes with tantalizing pictures grace this blog, as well as narratives regarding the author's foodie adventures. Warning: don't visit this blog if you're hungry!

e diel, 27 maj 2007

10. Crochet Poet: This is, by far, the most impressive database of links to free crochet patterns that I have ever, ever seen! Containing 199 project categories alone (with many pattern links under each category), you probably won't have the time to sort through all of the links in one setting. You'll need to bookmark this site!

e shtunë, 26 maj 2007

9. Fehr Trade: Melissa Fehr's stylish sewing projects draw inspiration "from the catwalks, high street, Shoreditch street fashion, and personal creativity." Self-taught, Melissa's clothing also has a uniquely British (hello Topshop!) and vintage flair.

8. Erica B.'s-D.I.Y. Style!: Erica Bunker has a passion for fashion-DIY fashion, that is-and it shows. Her site merges runway with stylish and modern patterns that are widely available, and sews for herself, all while documenting her work via photographs and regular entries.

e enjte, 24 maj 2007

7. Thriftgoddess!: A pictoral account of a self-proclaimed obsession with vintage stuff; updated about twice monthly.

6. It's Your Life presents: Everyday life and images of incredible vintage-looking jewelry made by Nico. Also, purses and other handmade items.

5. le train fantôme: The blog of shop Le train fantôme, contains photographs, personal info; topics include fashion, home, graphic arts, magazines, outdoors, etc.

e mërkurë, 23 maj 2007

4. DIYnamite: A massive number (as of today, 65 projects) and wide variety of craft and cooking projects, created and transcribed by Caroline and Marie.
3. A to Z: Really cute prints.

2. simply breakfast: Photographic documentation of beautiful breakfasts. Updated very frequently

1. fine little day: Elisabeth Dunker's collection of handmade, graphic design, striking photos, and snippets about her day-to-day.